Welcome to My Blog!


About Me

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Katie Thompson. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas where I am a student at Texas Christian University, avid shopper, and Kendra Scott employee. I’ve always loved the freedom and creativity of the fashion industry, and grew up following many lifestyle bloggers and dreaming of one day starting my own. I am so excited to finally make my dreams reality by bringing to life my very own lifestyle blog! Follow me on this crazy journey full of DIYs, beauty tutorials, and outfit inspiration! Thank you so much for visiting my site!

Why Katie Mai?

When thinking about the perfect name for my blog, I wanted to be unique and use my own name as a way to set myself apart from other bloggers. Personal branding is tough, especially when you have a name like Katie Thompson. However, I was blessed with a unique middle name like Maire! I knew people would probably mistake my middle name for Marie, so the blog name “Katie Maire” was easily crossed off the list. After many crumpled pieces of paper and some sleepless nights, I landed on the name “Katie Mai.” I immediately fell in love with the uniqueness of the name and loved that I could use something so near and dear to my heart as a way to brand my blog.


Photography by Naomi Ledford