Kissing 20 Goodbye

For my 21st birthday, I kissed 20 goodbye with a sushi dinner, party, and bar crawl with some of my closest friends.


This romper was perfect for the night! It was comfy and just the right amount of sparkles for me. I wore some comfy sock booties with it and was so glad I did!



My sweet friend Ashley!


My sweet friend Lauren!


My sweet friend Ryann!


My sweet friend Stephanie!


My sweet friend Brittany!


My sweet friend Abbi!


I can’t chug things. This is proof that I was not ready for 21

I spent most of my day dying my hair dark (which I love!) and then went home to get ready for dinner.

My friends and I went to Blue Sushi in Fort Worth where I got my FAVORITE sushi roll of all time, called the “Crunchy L.A. roll.” It is like crack, I swear. I crave it weekly.

After sushi, we went to my apartment where we popped champagne, took lots of pictures, and hung out.


This was the backdrop I designed! I created the lips print on Photoshop and then had it printed on cotton fabric. The tassels are from an Etsy boutique called Paper Fox, and the fans and balloons are also from an Etsy shop, called Paris312Party.


Another picture of the backdrop set up!


I covered my kitchen island with a rose gold plastic table cover and put decor on top.


This was my cake! I had it made at Susie Cakes and then my friend Lauren put the barbie and toilet on top. We ordered both from Amazon!


My sweet friend Ashley had cookies made for my party from a local sweets bakery called J. Raes!


I put macaroons, napkins, and these lipstick boxes from Etsy out as decor. My friend Lauren’s mom made me this super cute alcohol bouquet and chocolate lips!


Ashley also made me a shot book with sweet notes and polaroids from all my closest friends. It was something I’ll cherish forever!


Lauren made me a scrapbook to remember this time and the night. I loved all the funny pictures and inside jokes!


My Mom came into town and brought these BEAUTIFUL cookies by Shelby Townsend (@shelbyandcobakery). Her cookies are so good and always so beautiful! She made these specifically based on my blog and Instagram color scheme and I think they might just be too beautiful to eat.

I had so much fun and am so excited to see what this year brings!

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