Habit Hand Tied Extensions

I have always been obsessed with long, voluminous hair. I came out of the womb with a promising full head of hair, but as I grew older it only seemed to fall flat.

My hair has always been very fine and dirty blonde, and up until I was 17 I didn’t touch my hair with any kind of dyes. I have always dreamed of going dark but couldn’t fully commit until today!

I got extensions a couple months ago for the very first time. My hair stylist, Emily Littleton, made me feel comfortable committing to the hand tied extension method. Hand tied extensions are secured onto a row of 6 beads clamped onto 6 small sections of natural hair. The 6 beads are strung together with a string and then a  weft of extensions is sewn onto the string.

Hand tied extensions are the least damaging to your hair because it has the least amount of contact with your natural hair. The move up time is also significantly longer than other extension methods, being up to 8 weeks if you take care of them correctly. This extension method also blends the most naturally with your hair. You can still do braids, ponytails, buns, and any kind of up do you want without having to worry about concealing any beads!

Emily is amazing and her assistant Aspen are always so much fun to be around! I look forward to every hair appointment because I know I get to spend time with them while they make me look fabulous!

I was so happy I got to spend the morning with Emily and Aspen. They both worked so hard to make my hair look perfect and being as it was such a big change, they took their time and did it without a flaw! If you ever need a hairstylist, go to Emily at Hair Revival Studio in Dallas! You can message her on Instagram (@emilylittleton) or can call her salon to schedule a consultation! (434-544-1517)


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