Gameday Lookbook

In the south, football is VERY serious. I grew up in Death Valley cheering on LSU with thousands of other tiger fans. From the time I was 6 til I graduated high school, my Dad and I made it a tradition to sit 48 rows up from the 50 yard line on Saturday nights.

My Dad is the sole reason I understand football. And to all of you saying “it’s not that confusing” well, it is. However, despite my confusion of the game, there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to the dress code.

Women in the south dress for football games like they would a Sunday brunch with their friends. I’m talking all-out wedges, dress, skirt, jewelry, and teased hair. Lots of teased hair.

Since I grew up cheering on the tigers, my wardrobe didn’t undergo a massive shift when I enrolled at TCU. Gameday outfits are hard to put together some times, but that’s where I come in to help!

My first outfit is this super cute purple gingham dress. I never limit myself to the official royal purple color of TCU. I almost always wear lilac instead! Also- my cowboy boots are the default shoe of choice on Saturday nights. They are troopers and have made it through rainy games, lots of spilled drinks, and tons of mud.


I paired this dress with these awesome Kendra Scott Kristen Earrings in lilac. They’re the perfect touch!

This outfit is a super cute neutral combo with a pop of purple! If you can’t go out and buy a bunch of new pieces, it’s always easy to look in your closet for neutral items that you can accessorize to make them spirited.


Here I wore a black denim skirt with my classic gingham crop top featured in another post here! These Kendra Scott Diane Earrings  are AMAZING and come in basically every college team color you can dream of! They were the perfect accessory to add to this outfit to make me gameday ready!

My last outfit is a classic jersey that I wore oversized to fit like a dress. You could definitely pair it with a denim skirt and tie the bottom into a knot if you prefer a different look but the jersey dress is an easy and popular look at TCU!


I hope these looks helped get you excited and prepared for football season!

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