Decorating with Polaroids

When decorating my apartment, I had expensive tastes with a limited budget. I searched and searched for the perfect painting to hang above my couch for my living room, (I even tried painting one myself… it didn’t go as planned) and finally landed on an idea that was totally opposite of the vision I had in my mind.

I love strolling through the Home Goods aisles as much as the next girl, but after a while, home decor shopping gets frustrating if you’re looking for something specific and customizable to fit your space.

When searching for paintings proved to be unsuccessful, I resorted to the endless depths of Pinterest which sparked the idea for a gallery wall. As I fell deeper and deeper into my Pinterest binge, an idea of Polaroids instead of prints or regular photos surfaced. Polaroids give any space a more homey and trendy feel. In my living room, I took my own spin off a gallery wall, and printed out some of my favorite photos and mounted them into these sleek gold frames (which are on sale right now by the way!)

This cool little gadget is something I found on Amazon not too long ago. It prints any photo on your phone onto a Polaroid film, which is so cool!

Instax1Instax2MountingLiving RoomFrames

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