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As a junior in college, it’s tough to navigate the “do I look cute?” or “do I look like a hobo” argument that happens in my head every morning while laying in bed. Personally, I’ve never been one to “dress up” in college. And I put that in quotes because, well, my form of “dressing up” is wearing anything that’s not a men’s large Comfort Colors t-shirt and leggings. I may be a blogger- but I don’t have it all together all the time!

This year, my schedule is a little different than those in years past. My classes are all in the afternoon and evenings, forcing me to work in the mornings before going to class. I knew it would be silly to bring an extra change of clothes with me everyday, so I focused on putting together some cute, comfortable, casual looks that I could wear to work and to class!

This is just one of the outfits I’ve been loving lately. Texas is really hot, so I’ve switched it up a bit by wearing a denim skirt with it. Super cute and easy but still comfortable for all day wear!


This North Face backpack has been with me since high school! I’ve tried switching so many times to other backpacks, but this one has just been the best. It has so many pockets and plenty of padding to keep my shoulders from hurting too bad!


Now y’all… these JEANS! I am not a person who splurges often on clothes. I think it’s kind of ridiculous because:

A) I’m always clumsy and spilling something on myself

B) I’ll probably grow out of them

C) I could spend money on so many other things… like food.

However, these jeans were quite possibly the best investment I’ve ever made. Sound dramatic? Well it’s not. These jeans are so stretchy, comfortable, high-waisted, and have the PERFECT raw hem that makes any shoe look like a million bucks. I would honestly cry if these jeans were not in my closet. If you’re down to make a $100 denim commitment- click here. If you’re rolling your eyes at me right now with only $30 to your name, click here.


I’m usually rocking Adidas Superstars or some sort of platform sneaker to class, but sometimes I like to mix it up with a cute pair of slides like the ones above! I don’t think Steve Madden sells these anymore, but I’ve linked a few similar pairs here, here, and here!


There’s a lot of cute tops you can style with jeans to dress it up or down. This top from Target was the perfect style for both work and class that was easy to wear and transition. For only $15 it was such a steal!

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