Makeup Brush Favorites

Makeup has always been a passion of mine that I have loved to experiment with since I was little! As I began to grow up, I engulfed myself in beauty guru tutorials on YouTube and spent hours in Sephora swatching different products.

I’ve spent an embarassing amount of money on makeup products over the years. I realized that regardless of the products you’re using, what’s important is what you apply the products with.

There’s hundreds of brush brands out there, but I personally think Morphe is the best quality for the best price. Here’s some of my favorite brushes and what I use them for!

Makeup Brushes 1

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1. M510 Blending Brush $8

This is my favorite eye shadow brush! Every time I do my makeup, I start every eye look by applying a base color with this brush. As I apply other colors with different eye shadow brushes, I use this brush to go back and blend everything out seamlessly!

2. M441 Blending Brush $6

This is another one of my favorite eye shadow brushes! It’s less fluffy than the M510 so I use it to apply medium transition colors to more specific areas of the lid!

3. M503 Blending Brush $6

This is a great eye shadow brush to apply darker colors with! I like defining and deepening my crease with this brush!

4. M421 Packing Brush $3.50

This brush is a MUST have! I love glitters, shimmers, and dramatic eye looks and this is the perfect brush to make all of your beauty guru dreams come true! I use this brush to pack on glitters, pigments, and set a base for cut crease looks. It’s amazing!

5. M210 Smudger Brush $2.50

I love a good smokey eye, and this brush is perfect to smudge eye shadows, pigments, and liners on the lower lash line. I hate using mascara on my bottom lashes, but I love the look of a defined lower lash! This brush fully achieves that look without all the hassle.

6. M432 Straight Concealer Brush $4.00

I use this brush strictly to carve and define my brows. After filling them in, I go in with this brush and a good concealer to achieve those Instagram brows!

7. E14 Concealer Buff Brush $7.00

After using the M432 on my brows, I like blending the concealer out onto my lids with this fluffy brush. It’s also great for under the eyes and to clean up a bold lip!

8. E2 Powder Brush $20

One of the pricier brushes on my essentials but definitely the best powder brush I’ve ever used. It’s so soft and not too big so you can really focus on setting those problem areas!

9. M570 Tapered Powder $15

Another pricier brush, but perfect for bronzer! I love flatter brushes for applying bronzer so I can create a more defined look and this one does just that!

10. M435 Blush Brush $9

I have not found a better blush brush! This one the perfect angle and softness to keep the blush application natural but noticeable!



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