Airbrush Tans

I know I’m not the only girl out there who feels like a pasty white blob when I’m not tan. During the winter, we all start to feel a little too similar to our dear friend Frosty, and thankfully, my friend Taylor at Bottled Bronze helps me fight the snowman look.

Taylor is the best of the BEST when it comes to self tanning. She makes airbrush tans look like an effortless glow and carefully sprays each part of my body to make sure I look toned and tan.

Taylor creates a custom color mix depending on your skin tone and preferred level of tan. I always like to go ultra dark, and I’m more of an olive based skin tone, so Taylor uses a chocolate mix to make me glow.

The thing I used to hate most about spray tans is the smell, the sticky feeling, and the 3 shower aftermath. I used to walk around smelling and feeling gross and then after 3 showers, I’d turn into a cheetah.

Thankfully, Taylor uses a water-based solution to prevent the uneven fading, and finishes me with a scented shimmery powder to make me smell and feel great. I don’t ever feel sticky and I can go right on with my day without missing a beat!

I swear by Bottled Bronze tans and I think I always will- there’s just something about her technique and attention to detail that makes you feel at ease. Follow her on Instagram (@bottledbronzetx) or go to her website ( to schedule an appointment with her!


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