Accessories I’m Obsessing Over Right Now

To me, accessorizing an outfit is the best part of getting dressed. While accessorizing can be magical, it can also be very tricky. Choosing the right shoes, purse, and jewelry is no mindless task- it takes planning and a creative eye.

Here’s a few tips when styling your own outfits:

  1. Think about what occasion you’re styling for. Is it a casual day of running errands? Are you going to class? Do you have a big interview? A date? Figuring out the circumstances will help you narrow down your choices. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily wear my colorful statement earrings to a job interview, but I may wear them on a date!
  2. Look at your color palette. Is your outfit neutral or more colorful?
  3. If your outfit is neutral, try a pop of color! One of my favorite things about accessories is that you can have fun with colors and textures while still maintaining a put-together look.
  4. If your outfit is colorful, lean into the metallics! Lately, I’ve been loving rose gold with basically everything and I love to add it into any outfits I can.
  5. Be consistent! If you choose a black purse with gold fixtures, emphasize that look  with a cute black heel and gold jewelry.

Here’s a few outfits I had fun accessorizing this week:

Outfit #1


In this outfit, I knew that my color palette wasn’t exactly neutral. My jeans are lavender and my top is printed, so when I was choosing accessories, I leaned into my metallics and neutral colors.


For my jewelry, I knew a necklace was out of the question because of the neckline on my top, so I decided to go with statement earrings. I loved the white stripe print on my top, so I tied that in with these White Christina Earrings from Kendra Scott.


For a purse, I wanted something trendy and unique. I’ve been seeing these bags everywhere, so I found an affordable one on Amazon!

More details on this outfit to come!

Outfit #2


This was by far one of my favorite outfits to style. I love the color yellow and this top and these fun flare jeans made my day!

Similar to the last outfit, I knew that I wanted some fun statement earrings, so I wore the same White Christina Earrings from Kendra Scott. These earrings are definitely an investment, which is why styling them multiple ways is so important! Gotta get your money’s worth!


For a purse, I chose another popular style I’ve been seeing a lot lately. I wanted something fun but neutral, and I love a cool textured bag like this one. I got this one from a boutique here in Fort Worth called Beehive, and while it’s not online, I found a similar one listed here on Amazon! Beehive is one of my favorite boutiques to shop at so if you’re ever in the area you should definitely take a look! They have all the trendy accessories you could dream of!


For my favorite part of every outfit (the shoes.. duh!) I chose a strappy embellished block heel sandal from DSW. These are SO comfy and very cute and the perfect neutral color to style with basically any outfit! I wore these with the previous outfit as well, and I love how they complimented my fun flare jeans and gave me a little height.

For more details on this outfit, click here!

Outfit #3


This outfit, unlike the others, was pretty neutral so I decided to add some colorful accessories to create some fun!


Since this outfit was more on the neutral side, I really wanted a fun pop of color when it came time to choose jewelry. I am seriously in love with these Red Denise Earrings from Kendra Scott. They are so fun and versatile- the tassels detach so you can wear them three different ways! How cool is that? I personally love wearing them with two or three tassels.


As far as bags go, this one was such a great find! I’ve also seen a lot of these circling around and found a super affordable one on Amazon. I’ve used this one so much because it’s a perfect small crossbody when you’re on the run and only need to carry a few items with you!


And y’all… these shoes. I am a shoe fanatic, and these are my favorite block heels. They are so cute and fun and definitely help me reach the top shelves in my apartment which is a total plus. Unfortunately, these are sold out in most sizes online, but I found a similar pair under $50 here.

More details on this outfit to come!

Outfit #5


For the last outfit, I was so excited about this button detailed top! I love the simplicity of this outfit. The neutral colors and button detail made accessorizing a piece of cake!


These Abalone Diane Earrings from Kendra Scott are my favorite go-to when wearing anything neutral, blue, or green. (And side note- Blake Lively wore them, so obviously I’m going to wear them too.)

More details on this outfit to come!

I hope this post helped get you excited to style and accessorize with confidence in the future!




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